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ashtonJ April 18, 2012 21:02

FSI Boundary Conditions Enquiry
Dear all,

I have a question regarding the boundary conditions for FSI simulations.

I am trying to do FSI simulation in a straight pipe. In structural part, I imposed "Fixed boundaries" for inlet and outlet and Fluid solid interface for inner surface of the wall. I did not impose any boundary condition at outer surface of the wall. Do I need to specify any boundary condition on the outer surface?
Kind regards,

Chem.Eng June 21, 2013 03:57

Hi AshtonJ,

Did you find any answer for your question? I have problem with boundary condition for FSI simulation too.
I have a thin elastic layer on the straight cylinder which is be in contact with the fluid flow. I fixed the inner boundaries and for outer boundary condition I don't know what to do.I want to investigate the effect of the presence of elastic material on the fluid properties.

Best Regards

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