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Signo April 19, 2012 12:37

Question about interface
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I'm studing a microjet propulsor; the engine is formed by a compressor, a combustor, a turbine and his exhaust nozzle.
I was thinking if it is possible to make a multidomain simulation with a fraction of the combustor (one sixth) and all the turbine. For now I've only done simulation of the compressor and the turbine alone and a simulation of one sixth of the combustor (to reduce the complexity of the simulation.).
I want to compound the one sixth of the combustor with the turbine block; in the attached image I've done it with the stator of the turbine to the one sixth of the combustor, but I don't know which tipe of interface I need to use. I want that the result on the combustor outlet will be duplicated all over the inlet of the turbine like a periodic thing, ie. same temperature pattern, same pressure pattern, same velocity pattern etc.

I hope someone can suggests some solution.
Thanks in advance:)

Far April 19, 2012 12:57

This can done with new transient turbomachinery algorithms (time periodic and phase periodic I guess) in ANSYS CFD 14

Signo April 20, 2012 06:59

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Thanks for the hint, but if I want to make a steady state simulation (my fault that I don't have specified before) is there some method to have the results obtained from the combustor outlet (one sixth) interfaced with the turbine?
So the sixth of the combustor is the boundary condition placed on the inlet of the turbomachine duplicated six times all over the 360 degree of the turbine mantaining the sixth pattern.

I attached a qualitative image to explain better; the combustor is well simulated with a sixth of his entire volume. The left image is the hypothetical temperature pattern on the combustor outlet, I want to place an interface betweet these two domains where this solution will be the turbine inlet boundary condition of all the turbine, simply by placing 5 more identical outlet combustor results.

I hope this post is not too complex too understand, sorry for my poor english. Thanks in advance :)

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