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ndabir April 19, 2012 17:18

Error #001100279 in transient solver
Hi all,

I am trying to simulate a 2d problem. the problem is: two concentric solid circles are present and between them is water as the fluid medium. the one in the middle is very small and the outer one is much bigger. The inner one has boundary pressure of 10 MPa and the outer one has 1 atm pressure. I want to simulate the transient shock propagation from the inner circle towards the outer one. I have also set the primitive boundaries that were generated to make the model 2.5 D, as symmetry BC. My time step is very small (1e-014) cause whole process is happening in less than micro second. When I run the solver, it doesn't solve at all and instead give this error:

Error #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction.
message: Floating point exception: invalid number
message: stopped in routine FPX: C_FPX_HANDLER

I have gone through previous posts in the forum and I know how to deal with floating point and I have tried all of them but still I have problem. I also use double precision.

I have solved the same problem successfully in fluent with air as the fluid medium using explicit density based solver but since CFX has a good equation of state for water and fluent does not have any, I decided to solve it in CFX.

Any idea where am I making mistake?

ghorrocks April 19, 2012 18:24

You mention air and water. Is this a multiphase simulation?

Firstly I would run this simulation with a simple EOS, maybe ideal gas or something simple close to your real fluid. Does it run with a simple EOS?

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