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vmak April 27, 2012 07:28

Help needed to calculate the resistance of a ship's hull
Dear all,
This is my first post in this forum though I have been following it for some time :)

I have a hull surface in .igs format and want to calculate resistance of the hull for a speed of 20 knots. If anyone done similar project using cfx, kindly help me in this regard, as I am unable to find any tutorial specific for ship resistance ( or total drag force)


mshf7 May 7, 2013 10:39

hi dear vmak
I have got a project as like as you and I have got only cfx toturial to help me.If you have any question i will help u if i can

acasas May 12, 2013 17:42

Hi guys.

I have also the same questions. In my case for a boat at 40 knots. Where to find a tutorial about this? Is it CFX capable to do it? Maybe Aqwa should be used?

something like this would be nice
and something like this, GREAT !


ghorrocks May 12, 2013 19:15

Sure, CFX can do those simulations - but do not underestimate the difficulty of it. I hope you have a supercomputer available to run it. Or are you expecting to run it on your desktop :)

CFX has strengths in resistance of things like yachts where the turb transition model comes in handy. But if you are talking about vessels like power boats then I do not think CFX is the best choice of code. It can do it but it is difficult to get working right and slow. You might find Fluent faster, and I suspect other software is available specifically designed for these sort of calulations.

For instance Gerris has an impressive list of naval simulations in its examples:

But it does not have a turbulence model so can really only model wave resistance in your application.

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