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ashtonJ April 28, 2012 03:10

Initial Condition for FSI Modelling
Dear All,

I could converge a FSI case in an artery model. For artery wall, linear elastic model was used with Young module 10 MPa and Poisson ratio 0.3.

When I decreased the Young module to 1MPa, I got the following error:

Preconditioned conjugate gradient solver error level 1. Possibly, the model is unconstrained or additional iterations may be needed. Try running setting the multiplier MULT on the EQSLV command to greater than 1.0 (but less than 3.0).

I tried to use the results of the first run (Young module 10MPa and Poisson ratio 0.3) as initial condition for the second run (Young module 1MPa and Poisson ratio 0.3). What I did: In Define Run>MultiField, I enabled the "Restart ANSYS Run" Option and chose the first run "Ansys.db" file. It converged; however, there was not any difference between the first and second runs results which is weird.

Then I tried to run the same case with Young module of 5MPa without specifying initial condition, I saw a big difference between the result of this run and the first run.

It seems in the second run (Young module 1MPa), when I chose the first run results as initial condition, the ANSYS used the Young module of the first run not the second run! Thatís why I did not see any change in the results.

Could anybody help me regarding this issue, plz?

Thank you.

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