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FloMol May 1, 2012 14:33

CFX-Mesh : "Primitive Regions do not appear in geometry"

I experiment some trouble with CFX-Mesh: I want mesh a tube with a nozzle, it works well as far as defined the parameter into Defaut body Spacing and Face Body Spacing without any inflation. All the parameters into "Verify Geometry" are far away from the limit. But I want be able to get more accuracy around my nozzle. If I want set an inflation boundary or a specific face spacing around my nozzle the following message occurs :

"The Location F45.36, etc...
refers to 4 Primitives Region that do not appear in the geometry"

It is strange because these primitive 2D regions (selected for the specific face-spacing) do appear when I open the coarse mesh into CFX-Pre...

Didn't find anything related in this forum or in the doc. I Tried "Update Geometry" without more success. Any idea ?

Regards and thanks,


FloMol May 8, 2012 17:31


No response, but in case, if someone have the same problem with region of face-spacing in CFX-mesh,

I solved this problem by right-click on the face-spacing i created into the tree outline, => "simplify geometry using virtual topology"

generate mesh, it works !

But I still do not understand why and how. I hope it can help somebody


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