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ashtonJ May 13, 2012 21:47

Creating Animation for FSI Modelling
Dear all,

I did FSI modelling in an artery model and would like to create an animation of both fluid and structural partsí results. The fluid partsí results were saved with a time interval of 0.1s, however, the structural results were saved at all times (time interval 0.01). This means the results for 10 different times are available for fluid part, while, for the structural part, the results of 100 different times are available.

I tried to create an animation and did the same settings as Oscillating Plate tutorial did, however, when I watch the movie, I just see a constant image (it seems that the animation just show the results of one time step)

What I did:

1-slelect the Keyframa Animaton
2- Create Keyframe No1 and change the # of frames to 10
3- Load the first time step for fluid and structural parts.
4-Create Keyframe No2
5- Select Save movie

Could you please let me know why my created animation is not like a movie, is like a constant image.


Gweher May 13, 2012 23:11

You didn't do it properly, you were nearly right.

First you should load you initial time step of interest, then >add Keyframe, change the number of frames you want, load the last time step of the animation, >add Keyframe, tick >save movie, hit the >backward icon, and then >play.

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