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evcelica May 16, 2012 13:19

Transient Run - Output "Time" in partial results?

I am running a transient run and am outputting partial results as outputting everything would take up too much space. In the partial results, I choose my variables but I see "Time" is not one of them. Time is included by default if you stop the run and view all the partial results files in Post. But if I restart the run, or import those partial results files into CFD-Post using "add timesteps", then it has "0" for all the time values because it is not hard coded into the partial results files.
Is it possible to write "Time" in the partial results files, so I could import them into CFD-Post? Its not on the variables list and I can't type it in either.

Thanks in advance

ghorrocks May 16, 2012 18:55

Time is in the results files. Rather than adding timesteps if you load the final results file in CFD-Post then it will already know the time at each of the saved time steps.

evcelica May 16, 2012 21:36

Thanks for the reply.
I've never seen this option. Would It then be able to load several series from serial runs and have times for each one? How would I add the previous runs instead of using "add timesteps"?

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