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mechanicaldesign May 20, 2012 00:42

ANSYS 13 Multifield,
Hi to all,

I have a question referring to study fluid flow and thermal using CFX from ANSYS 13.

How I observe, in last period ANSYS put very much accent on Workbench module. I am using ANSYS MAPDL. So, my question is : the version of ANSYS 13 can made coupled simulation (two ways simulation or MFX) using CFX and ANSYS MAPDL, or only using Workbench module? :cool: because this type of coupled study in the past (old version of ANSYS) it was possible.

Thank you in advance for advice and answer.

Best regards.

ghorrocks May 20, 2012 07:29

Yes, it is possible. Workbench justs generates the APDL for the simualtion, so I guess if you used the same APDL you can do it without workbench. I would run a test MFX simulation and have a look at the APDL and command lines it uses to do it.

p.galimutti May 26, 2012 09:32

Yes, you don't need work bench for multi-filed simulation. It's just an interface bringing all Ansys programs under one roof!

ps: I believe if you want to do multifield simulation with CFX as the flow solver, you may not be able to do it MAPDL itself. You just create a data file in MAPDL with b.c's & coupling conditions etc, which will be read into CFX. CFX does the rest of the interactive analysis.

If you want to do entire analysis in MAPDL, Flotran does the flow solving.

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