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akaero May 22, 2012 03:08

modelling interphase mass transfer//
Hello friends
i am using cfx-12 to model injection of fuel(jet-A) droplets into a domain(cylindrical and closed at both ends) which already contains air(at t=0 during initialisation and jet A mass fraction at t=0 is zero).Simultaneously i need to depict the conversion of these liquid fuel droplets into its gaseous form so that the domain contains liquid as well as gaseous fuel along with air as the simulation progresses.
For this I created a homogeneous binary mixture to specify the phase boundary between the two states of the fuel. but I don't see any option to specify the interphase mas transfer.

Kndly suggest how to proceed...

Also,please suggest how to create fuel injections in the domain.

ghorrocks May 22, 2012 06:24

Have you done the tutorial examples? While nothing is exactly like what you are modelling, ones like the Steam Jet, Coal Combustion and Spray Dryer are close enough to be worth a look.

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