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James113 June 2, 2012 03:11

Fatal overflow in linear solver
Hi all,
I am trying to solve a two way FSI Problem in CFX (Ansys 13).

First I will explain the CFX problem:
Blood simulator flows in an elastic pipe (latex).
The elastic pipe is deformed by an external pressure acting on the surface
(limitted area). The pressure is a time dependent function -- P0*sin(F0*t).

Now, to my problem:
The CFX is working great on frequencies (F0) varying from 6Hz to 21Hz, but when I am trying to apply a 22Hz pressure, the simulation crashes after 1,500 iterations (nothing is changed except the frequency).

I read a little about this error and I know it's related to unphysical boundary conditions. But the boundary conditions haven't changed.

Thanks in advance,

ghorrocks June 2, 2012 06:29

No, this error means the linear solver has diverged. See FAQ:

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