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oj.bulmer June 21, 2012 08:45

CFX solver doesn't start through Workbench

This must be a very basic question but I am stuck on this!

I am running a transient simulation and using Workbench to manage the different simulations. When I try to run the CFX solver through workbench, I see "updating" message on the Solver tab of simulation in Workbench, but actual CFX solver window doesn't show any residuals/monitors. It's just blank grey window.

Moreover, any option on Workbench seems stalled as I can't click on anything.

It's second day of this desperation! :confused:

oj.bulmer June 22, 2012 06:20

Apparently, I realised that if transient simulation is too big, Workbench has a hard time dealing with it. The response is sluggish.

I got it working by starting a new transient simulation with same CFX-Pre settings and initializing by earlier simulation.

Also, it may be noted that I was generating transient results at each time step and exporting all variables. The solution data gets massive if smaller time-step is used. A smarter move can be to store only selected variables and store at convenient frequency of simulation time, e.g say 0.1 seconds. This obviously depends on whether you are interested in time averaged results or transient phenomenon. For capturing transient phenomenon, smaller frequency may be needed.

mauricio June 28, 2012 23:03

stand alone
Hey, i experienced the same thing running transient multiphase and 1300 timesteps, i ended up switching to stand alone always; You have to be careful on the file naming and all, but it's waay, waay worth it.

oj.bulmer June 30, 2012 08:44

Yes I realised it. I run steady state in Workbench and shift to standalone for transient :)

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