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saisanthoshm88 July 1, 2012 05:52

Porus Domain Modeling
Could some one please clarify upon the following questions I had on the modeling of porus domains:

1. Is it required to resolve the boundary layer on the walls of a porus domain
while meshing it ?

2. Does the fluid pass through the whole area of a Fluid - Porus interface.
I mean is a Fluid - Porus interface similar to a Fluid - Fluid interface

ghorrocks July 1, 2012 08:20

1. There is no general answer to that question. If the boundary layer is important then yes, if not then no. You have to look at your case and determine that.

2. Yes - although as porous regions are subdomains (which do not require interfaces) you do not normally have porous regions with interfaces.

saisanthoshm88 July 2, 2012 05:06

Thanks for the reply Glenn, Im actually trying to model radiation through a porus medium with the Discrete Transfer Model in CFX but I see that it is not possible as CFX - Pre throws a warning message which says that the porosity settings cannot be accounted in a DTM model but then I had these questions:

1. If I turn off the solution for energy and radiation in the model overrides will the CFX solver respect the porosity in that case.

2. Since it is only a warning if I start the run with out changing any thing I understand that the porosity is not respected but will this imply a Fluid domain treatment (or) a solid domain treatment.

I'm totally new to the radiation modeling and porus domain modeling so I request you not to mind if my questions seem too novice.

ghorrocks July 2, 2012 08:41

You might be able to do this in the Monte Carlo model - but I am not sure.

Not sure what it defaults to for point 2. You would have to look into it.

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