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cyy July 3, 2012 22:17

how to reatart a ansys cfx FSI?
my ansys cfx FSI crashed suddenly, and i want to restart it.
what i have is: the full.bak files, .trn files,ansys .rst file,.r00n, .ldhi,
then i modified the .inp: MFRSTART,69,multi
then in the cfx solver manager-->define run,
the solver input file:full.bak
initial values:full.bak
use mesh form:initial values
multifield panel:restart ansys run:.rst

but the run stopped and said cant find the corresponding .rnnn file.
in my .inp file, i use the command: mfou,all mfrc,1,2 and get two .rnnn files.
I'm really confused....
should I save all the .rnnn files?

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