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oj.bulmer July 5, 2012 12:29


I am trying to remotely access a LINUX system at my university using secure shell access.

I try with cfx5 or fluent after logging in to system but I get following messages:
launcher1 : cannot connect to X server

Any ideas?

ghorrocks July 5, 2012 18:29

You will need a x-windows client on your PC. If you are using windows the most common x-win client is cygwin. You may also need to have certain ports open to connect.

oj.bulmer July 6, 2012 05:14

Glenn, thanks.

I am using MobaXterm utility that has free in built X-server.

Additionally, I downloaded and installed XMing and XWindowsdoc, since mobaxterm wasnt working.

I will try cygwin as well, but I believe I already have three X-server applications installed! Am I missing something here?


ghorrocks July 6, 2012 06:30

I have only a little experience in X servers so cannot help you. Hopefully somebody else can help you.

oj.bulmer July 12, 2012 16:41

I solved my problem. Here is what I did, for anyone who may find this useful in future. All the bold words are the commands for UNIX.

1) Ideally you need to be in the network the UNIX machine is using, or should be connected through VPN.
2) If neither, and you are connected through normal internet, you should check what is the value of DISPLAY variable, by echo $DISPLAY
3) If it is something like localhost:12, you need to set display variable to your ip address as export DISPLAY=<your_ip_address>:0.0, by using your ip address in this command (excluding <> brackets)
4) Mobaxterm is extremely easy to use, but it is not robust. My problems got resolved when I tunnelled through Putty, enabled X11 forwarding in ssh options, and used cygwin xwin server. cygwin is more robust than XMing and beats Mobaxterm in stability. It can be found here :
5) Make sure the Xwin server (cygwin) is running. You can check that by xeyes &, after which two eyes popup in X window, following the cursor. This is the indication that everything is going smooth.
6) If you wish to use multiple programmes, try konsole, wherein you can use as many shells (or tabs) to run the programs.
7) You may want to use WINSCP for easier file transfer within UNIX machine and your Windows.

Hope this helps someone who is stuck by UNIX chaos!


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