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falke126 July 20, 2012 13:49

Creation of a video animation in cfx-post
Hi to all,

has anyone created a video animation like this in CFX-Post:

I would like to create a video of a particle flowing to a pipe.
The view point should be from the particle itselves, in direction of the flow.

In other words, I would like to "swim/fly through the pipe".

Best regards,

cfdnewbie July 20, 2012 13:52

I have created something similar, though its a flow an duct over an object, with the camera following the flow over the object into the wake...

falke126 July 20, 2012 14:19

Hi, can you describe the steps, how you did it?

Did you create the frames manually by a script?

This was my first intention.
But there is the problem, that i canīt set the view from the inside of the pipe...

ghorrocks July 20, 2012 18:11

You can do this using a key frame animation. It then flies along the reference key frames to generate the animation.

Niru November 10, 2012 14:45

regarding animation
I have a transient simulation of 500 s . It is a smoke coming out of a source. I followed the tutorial to do a video.
I want to do a full length animation of the solution for 500s. I choose my full time in time step selector and did a key frame animation for 100 frames. The output video is very fast (2s) and I dont see the full animation.
Also I have output files of every 50s ,even if i choose these intermediate intervals , I dont see the smoke development.
How many frames should I choose? How can a full length animation be done?

evcelica November 10, 2012 20:53

If you want to do a real animation of the 500 second simulation in real time, you would have had to output your results files 24 times per second, then you could use quick animation. Each frame would be a results file, which would be played back at 24 frames per second. If you only have results files every 50 seconds, you are not going to get a very good animation. Though that many results files is going to take up a ton of storage, and would take hours to actually make the animation. I usually do time lapse videos where it will play back much faster than real time. Also, I would only output the transient results for what you care to animate, that way the files won't be huge.

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