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rnl July 24, 2012 08:26

pressure data not saved in cgns file from CFX
We've run a transiet simulaton of a wave energy device in CFX 14.0 and are trying to get surface pressure data in a tabular format from teh restuls for each timestep for use in a structural analysis.

We've saved the cgns files for each timestep, and specified surface pressure be saved, but when the cgns files aer opened in tecplot the pressure is read as zero. Any ideas what is going wrong here? Or any ideas on how to get the data out in a useable format for passing on to other people (who don't have ANSYS)?


Felggv July 24, 2012 13:59

Wouldn't a curve be useful? Maybe you could plot Pressure - position.

Just a hint.

EDIT: I've just did something that I think would help you. I've created a chart of Temperature - Time and after it's done you can go on the data series tab and export it in *txt format like a table, after you've done that, feel free to plot it using MATLAB or any other software you like.

cfdgremlin July 25, 2012 08:01

I don't think the problem is with CFX. I've exported transient CGNS surface data before for passing to a noise analysis program and have not had any problems.

You might want to check that the values in the CGNS files are actually non-zero - you can do this by viewing them in a tool such as ADFViewer (freely available from the CGNS site).

Alternatively, as mentioned above, you might just want a curve of (average) pressure vs time on a surface, in which case create a monitor point and export it from the solver manager at the end of the run.


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