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someone July 24, 2012 08:38

parallel flow modelling with Pros medium in CFX
Hi everyone,

i'm currently working on a simulation of parallel flow with porous medium in CFX.

The purpose of doing this is try to find a velocity in y direction near the interface (considering horizontal direction is x , and vertical is y) say v1.

I have generated a simple 2D model (basically two rectangular shapes)with flow domain and porous medium domain. On LHS we defined the inlet velocity, and RHS as the outlet.

The basic physics behind it (if i'm correct) is that some fluid inside the flow domain will be moved into the porous domain because the porosity at the interface, so the velocity profile at the end of the outlet will no be a nice parabolic shape.

my questions are how to calculated the velocity at the interface in y direction , v1. Or is that any possible way to 'manually' add a velocity in y direction to get the velocity profile a the outlet.

PLEASE HELP ME! I'm nearly desperate. Much appreciated if anyone can help me out of this!
BTW i'm not good at neither English nor CFX. so pls.......


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