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keeper July 25, 2012 09:27

interpolation error
Hello all.

I have a problem with results interpolation onto def file. The error message is below:

Cannot create working file cfx5_001.ini (copying from C:/......./project_001.res):

no such file or directory

Probably there is some small mistake but I have never seen this message even if I've launched lot of calculations by this way.

Does anyone know what to do with that?

Thanks in advance

cfdgremlin July 28, 2012 17:01

How are you running the interpolator - from the command line? From the Solver Manager? Within Workbench?


monkey1 July 31, 2012 03:30

Do you have any uncommon symbols in your path name? because if the "no such file or directory" is related to your .res file it might be that somewhere in your path C:/...../project_001.res you might have a symbol cfx does not know how to interprete...e.g. the german letters ,, would cause similar errors.

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