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lnk July 26, 2012 15:30

Question about boundary condition setting for a specific case
Hi everyone,

Thanks for your time to look at this email. I'm working on the CFD of a pipe. My work is to know the pressure drop of a section of it by CFX. I only know the inlet velocity of that section. May I ask what boundary condition should I set to the outlet surface? Since there's pressure drop, should I still set the outlet boundary condition to 'relative pressure = 1' as to the other places?
I'm looking forward to your answer.

Best regards and many thanks,

Felggv July 26, 2012 15:57

I believe this relative pressure is related to the reference you set at the Default Domain.

Have you tried the Relative Pressure = 0? You need a lower value at the outlet so the flow can occur as far as I know, but correct me if I'm wrong.

What you can do is mess a little bit with the conditions and always monitor the pressure at the outlet using CFD-Post tables to see if it's coherent to the reality... ave(Pressure)@Outlet should do the job.

The pipe walls should be no slip ones right?

Good luck.

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