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lnk July 27, 2012 08:15

Does CFX have a button to refine the mesh?
Hi everyone,

May I ask if I can refine my mesh at CFX? I generated my mesh at ICEM. Then I use CFX to import it and run it. When I need to refine the mesh, do I have to go back to ICEM? Is there anyway to refine it at CFX, so that I won't need to import the mesh to CFX, define my fluid domain and boundary condition at CFX always again?

Best regards and many thanks,

Lance July 27, 2012 08:29

You've got (at least) two options:
*There is a refine mesh function in cfx, see the manual. It wont work for transient or fsi cases.
*save all your settings in cfx (boundary conditions, CEL expressions, etc) in a .ccl file (again, see the manual). That way you can import all cfx-settings every time you make a new mesh in icem.

CFDManIran July 27, 2012 16:02

Yes you can use Mesh Adaption ability of ANSYS-CFX from the path:
Insert----> Solver----> Mesh Adaption
For some lectures on ANSYS-CFX you can use bellow mentioned link:
Links caption are in Persian but related files are in English

I wish these be useful for your purpose

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