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Anwerizer July 28, 2012 13:06

flow analysis of a submerged water turbine in Ansys 13
I am a final year engineering student. My final year project is to analyse the water flow over a water turbine (SHP water can check it out on their website ) used in mini-hydropower projects.
I have modeled the turbine in solid edge and also modeled a cylindrical water body and assembled it together with the water turbine. i used ansys 13 workbench to import this whole turbine-water assembly(in parasolid format) in the cfx analysis system. I want to know how to capture the flow stream lines using the rest of the cfx steps.
SO that includes:
1. should i mesh the water body only and leave the turbine as a solid. if yes then how can i do that?
2. How and what boundary conditions to apply?

ghorrocks July 29, 2012 07:27

Yes, mesh the water body only. Do not mesh the turbine. Model the turbine as a cavity in the mesh in a rotating frame of reference.

Boundary conditions can be many different types, but a common approach is upstream boundary condition should be the flow velocity. Down stream BC zero pressure.

Anwerizer July 29, 2012 07:40

ok....i got everything u said except the part about rotating frame of can i define that? thanks for replying by the way

ghorrocks July 29, 2012 07:49

Rotating frames of reference is the nromal way of modelling rotating machinery. Have a look in the tutorials. There are plenty of examples of turbines and compressors. Also have a look at the best practises guide in the documentation.

Nealcaffrey September 17, 2014 08:54

Hi...Mohammed was your simulation btw..I am interested in your report if you dont mind...i would like to do a similar simulation on SHP Turbines.


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