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rafaelcachoaguirre July 30, 2012 13:46

Contact between a rigid body and a wall
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Hello everyone, I am tryng to simulate the movement of a rigid plate over a chanel and the plate must crash againts two walls that prevent the pass of the plate. The problem im having is that when I run the siulation CFX-solver send me an error "Negative volumes had been found" And when I go to CFX-Post I see that the plate croos the walls instead of make contact with them!! I athach a picture for a better understanding of the problem.

Anyone know if this kind of simulations can be done in a comercial software??

Thanks for your answers i really appreciate it.

ghorrocks July 30, 2012 18:28

Yes this can be done. You can either do it as an FSI simulation and use the contact abilities of ANSYS mechanical to work out the contact, or you might be able to use a CEL expression to constrain the motion of the plate when it would be hitting the walls.

Either way will take a bit of development.

rafaelcachoaguirre July 30, 2012 20:17

thankyou very much for your help, im actually investigating for the contact abilities in Ansys explicit dynamics let see if I foun something.

Good afternoon

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