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AGrgic August 5, 2012 16:57

CFX heat transfer through house wall
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I need to solve this problem for my college assignment.
I'have been trying to simulate heat transfer through wall which is formed from two layers of mortar (one inside house and one outside house), and third layer is brick wall. Outside temperature is -10 C, and inside temperature is 20 C.
All materials properties are used from CFX library. The thickness of mortar is 30 mm, and the thickness of brick wall is 250 mm. I created geometry using Autodesk Inventor. The geometry is formed from air inside house (1000x1000x1000 mm), air outside house (1000x1000x1000 mm), brick wall (250x1000x1000 mm), and two layers of mortar (300x1000x1000 mm) as on picture. Attachment 14990

I managed to create mesh, but i have problems with domains, and boundary conditions...

Does someone know good tutorial for this kind of problem? Any sugestions how to solve this problem? anything?

Sorry for my bad english! :(

ghorrocks August 5, 2012 19:20

Firstly, isn't this a simple 1D thermal resistance calculation? Why do it using CFD at all?

Assuming you want to do it by CFD because your college told you so :) :
Do the tutorial examples on Conjugate heat transfer (CHT) models. The heater coil is an example of this.

AGrgic August 6, 2012 08:39

I know it is 1D thermal resistance calculation, but as you assumed my college professor told me to this way.
Thanks for the tip which tutorial to use...

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