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kqlee August 16, 2012 02:13

Help in FSI : termination due to maximum simulation time
Dear all,

Good day. I'm doing FSI simulation on pipe for duration of 20 seconds with time step of 0.01s. After 500 iterations (about 4s), it suddenly terminated with the information :

Termination and Interrupt Condition Summary

CFD Solver: Run duration reached
(Maximum simulation time)

Does there anyone know how to enlarge the maximum simulation time? or is it due other problems? I really need your help here as i already try my simulation for almost 5 months but still unable to generate output yet. Thank you.

Lance August 16, 2012 02:28

Did you set Solver control/Elapsed wall clock time control/maximum run time ?

kqlee August 16, 2012 02:41

Dear Lance,

No, i didn't set the maximum run time. Would it be help if i set it?

Lance August 16, 2012 02:45

No, not at all. I was just thinking that you had specified a maximum run time and that caused your simulation to stop.

since it says "CFD Solver: Run duration reached" my second guess would be that you have max iterations = 500 under analysis type/transient?

kqlee August 16, 2012 02:51

Dear Lance,

No, under Analysis type/Transient, i set 20s for the total time of coupling time duration, and 0.01s for the coupling time steps. but the simulation stop before completing the calculation (stop after calculating for 4s only).

kqlee August 16, 2012 03:14

I'm so sorry i check the wrong message, it terminated not due to the time step, but error occurred. Sorry for torubling everyone here.

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