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siw August 17, 2012 02:52

Tecplot files in CFD-Post

Is it possible to open Tecplot results files (outputted from my university CFD code) in CFD-Post (the only post-processor I can use off-campus)? The code also writes the data as cgns output files as well but those would not open in CFD-Post (even though CFD-Post has limited cgns support).

I had a try but could not do so - but that's not to say others cannot do it. The reason is I cannot use Tecplot off-campus (where as I do have access to CFD-Post) and I find CFD-Post easy to use. Furthermore, I'm unable to get installed on my Ubuntu laptop a free post-processor such as VisIt.


ghorrocks August 18, 2012 07:38

No, you cannot open Tecplot files in CFD-Post. You will have to convert it, probably CGNS is the best option.

Also have a look at Paraview. It is a leading open source post-processor.

siw August 19, 2012 05:06

I tried the cgns outputs as well but CFD-Post would not open them, as I mentioned.

I have looked at ParaView but when I went to install it, it asked to uninstall some MPI files which I'm not sure about since I had to install OpenMPI for the solver.

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