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shaswat August 21, 2012 11:07

help needed for plotting a graph
Dear friend

This is my problem

I need to calculate the pressure gradient along the axis of the artery model. (I did transient analysis on the artery model)
how can i plot the graph (axial length vs pressure gradient) in cfx post

I did the following method

I drew a line along the axis then in the graph i set General>type>xy
then Data series>location >line
xaxis>variable >Z
Yaxis>Variable>pressure gradient

Is the above method correct or not?

Note:Transient analysis has been conducted.

is the plot axial length vs pressure gradient indicates the last time step graph or accumulated time step graph

Please help me

Thank you


singer1812 August 21, 2012 14:46

Seems right if you are trying to plot DP/dz. I assume you are not trying to plot DP/dt.

singer1812 August 21, 2012 14:50


I noticed you are double posting identical requests. Please keep your requests under a single thread.

evcelica August 21, 2012 21:44

If you are getting your graph that shows pressure and length then you are doing it correctly. I usually check the "custom data selection" box and select my two variables. This will be data from whichever timestep you have selected (which is thew last results file unless you changed it) you can change the timestep by going up to the clock looking icon which lets you choose different timesteps.

You can only make a transient graph using points, not lines.
You can export the data of any graph by clicking the export button
You can also make an animation of the pressure by making a contour, then clicking on the animation button right next to the timestep selector, and clicking your contour and animate. You may want to set your contour to a fixed range for this.

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