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tango711 August 22, 2012 12:26

Viewing Rotating and Stationary Domains in Post
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Hello All,

I want to look at the flow through my computational domain which is composed of stationary and rotating domains connected via a frozen rotor domain interface.

When I plot the velocity of a cross sectional plane, should I view it with respect to just "velocity" or "velocity in stationary frame".

By viewing it in the stn frame, can see the tangential velocity effect of the rotation, but I do not see the flow through that part as I can see when I look at it just as velocity (i.e. with respect to the rotating frame of reference for the rotating domains)

See Fig 1 (velocity) and Fig 2 (Velocity in Stationary Frame)



ghorrocks August 23, 2012 08:09

That's why velocity in both frames of reference is available - they both show different things. So they both are useful.

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