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yuhai August 23, 2012 11:18

User Fortran problem: The name 'UserSource2' is ambiguous ?
Dear CFXer,
I am solving a case with User Fortran, the source is similar like in the Tutorial: User Fortran Routine, so I modified this tutorial code for my case.
On linux platform, I can successfully compile, and get AdVarSource.o and
but when I start simulation, I got the following error:

Error processing expression 'Source'.
The name 'UserSource2' is ambiguous - it is a both a system variable and the name of an expression.
The variable name 'UserSource2' is not recognised.
The following unrecognised name was referenced: UserSource2.
Error processing expression: Source = UserSource2

Can you give some hints on this?
(Now, I have actually no Expression defined.)
Thank you very much.


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