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Jardo August 29, 2012 18:27

Using Refrigerant in CFX
Hello, I would like to ask, how can I work with refrigerant in CFX. For example, I want to work with refirgerant R410a. How is it possible? Thank you for your answers

evcelica August 29, 2012 20:35

Well, what do you want to do with the refrigerant? what physics are you simulating?

Jardo August 30, 2012 03:21

I would like to compare two refrigerants (CO2 and R410a) flowing in bend. I am writing an article about pressure losses in cooling system and I want to compare these refrigerants.

ghorrocks August 30, 2012 06:22

If it is just single phase and incompressible then the only important parameters are density and viscosity. A simulation to compare them is straight forward - and probably unnecessary. You can probably work out a Re number for both flows, which leads to friction factors and then pressure loss - this is all empirical so does not require CFD. But it does not generate as many colourful pictures as a good CFD analysis.

If it is multiphase it is a bit more complex than that....

mat_cfd August 31, 2012 07:30

You can look into Real fluid properties in Solver: modelling help for using refrigerant. I am also reading abt it and havnt used it before. Its not quite clear how to set up Acentric factor for pulling in saturation curve. If sbdy through more light into it or have come across any tutorial in this regard, pl share the same.

ghorrocks September 1, 2012 07:25

Before going into details of the complex material properties for refrigerants like this, first work out whether it is required. If the purpose of the analysis is just to compare the flow losses of two pipe bends for a single phase then none of the saturation curve stuff is required and just density and viscosity is all that is required.

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