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poornima_n August 31, 2012 07:47

MEA assembly in PEM fuel cell
I have started using CFX recently..Kindly consider the question as asked by a begineer and guide me please.. How to model Membrane electrode assembly of PEM fuel cell? Kindly give me suggestions..The dispersion of carbon supported catalyst particles over the electrodes can be shown?Ultimate aim is to simulate the mass,momentum and specie stransport through the membrane electrode assembly..kindly help me..

Felggv August 31, 2012 09:25


Have you seen the tutorials on CFX-Pre Help documentation? Is there any tutorial that you think would fit your purpose?

ghorrocks September 1, 2012 07:27

Your simulation sounds very complex, probably involving chemistry, heat transfer, porousity and multiple species. This does not sound like a good topic of a beginner at CFD, this will require considerable development to get working and accurate.

poornima_n September 3, 2012 02:12

sirs! thanks for the responses.. Fluent has a simple 2D tutorial and I'm asked to go detailed..I'm doing internship and I'm allotted this project.. so,I should develop step by step but to arrive at the result for the alotted project..I have to focus on the mass and species transfer particularly but yes,it involves heat transfer too..please help sirs..

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