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safikhani_hamed September 20, 2012 03:48

Problem Using Algebraic Slip Model (ASM)
Dear friends,
I am modeling a gas-solid twophase flow using ASM , in fact in my simulations the solid particles drop at the bottom of pipe very soon and it is clear that the simulation is not correct because when I change the solid density or solid diameter, the simulation does not change , please help me what is the problem ?


ghorrocks September 20, 2012 07:29

Are you sure you implemented the different density and diameter correctly? Are you in a flow regime where it is not sensitive to diameter or density? Is your simulation fully converged? Are you interpreting the results correctly?

safikhani_hamed September 20, 2012 15:46

Dear friend,
In fact yes the simulation is fully converged, but I do not why suddenly the solid particles drop to the bottom of the pipe. Is there any tutorial about ASM model ?


ghorrocks September 24, 2012 21:56

You could be in a regime where the density and diameter does nto make much difference, you have to do much larger changes to have an effect.

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