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dae4god September 22, 2012 03:17

Rigid Body Solver Input
Does anyone know why the CFX Rigid Body solver only accepts Torque values above a certain threshold number? This threshold number also seems to depend on the timestep size.

ghorrocks September 24, 2012 21:59

This sounds very strange. Can you give more details - what torque numbers are you trying to enter? What are you modelling?

dae4god September 24, 2012 22:45

Hi ghorrocks,

I actually started a new thread with a title that was more appropriate to the problem - sorry. The new thread is at

My simulation involves rotating a rigid body at very small angular accelerations of the order of \alpha = 4.18\times 10^{-3} rad  s^{-2}. However, when I look at the Angular Acceleration Z in one of the CFD-Solver monitors, it shows \alpha =  0 rad s^{-2}.

Do you know why this happens, or how I can rotate my rigid body at small angular accelerations?

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