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MechKim September 24, 2012 04:46

CFX Pre Domains for centrifugal pump

Im a student and am having big troubles with my CFD analysis of an artificial heart pump. I ultimately need to determine the shear stress induced on the fluid by the rotating vanes.
I have extracted the fluid volume of the pump, and have meshed it (i need to do a hex mesh, but iv got a tet at the moment...) But i seem to be having issues defining a rotating and a stationary domain in CFX Pre...

Here is a link to my file if anybody would be able to have a quick look and see what i need to do, or fix it up for me. Im an ANSYS novice and am completely stuck :(


energy382 September 24, 2012 08:06

depends on which ressources you have :)

Do you have turbogrid and ICEM license?

Do you want to make a transient or steady-state simulation?

Normally, you need two rotor/stator interfaces. First @impeller inlet, second @cross section between volute/impeller outlet

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