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Mahi September 28, 2012 15:49

Heat Flux at Internal walls or Fluid Solid Interface
Hi All,

I am new to this forum and this forum helped me in clarifying many doubts . Thanks for the useful stuff being posted here and especially many thanks to Glenn.

I am doing CFD CHT analysis of combustor burner plate and above there are set of cooling holes required to cool the burner plate.I have the heat flux value from the combustion simulation which needs to be applied at one side of the burner which has some thickness . For CFD purpose we have extended the domain below burner plate and made it has outlet boundary , here we have fluid-solid interface in which heat flux needs to be supplied . I tried following things in CFX

1.In the fluid-solid interface , on the solid side provided heat flux as boundary source and fluid side interface there is no specification .
2.Using non-overlap conditions ,for the solid side interface I have provided the heat flux. (here the supplied heat flux is not taking)
3.There is no fluid solid interface , on solid side wall supplied heat flux and fluid side as default adiabatic wall .

Out of this three methodology , 2 method is not physical as supplied heat flux is not taking or CFX solver does it like that.

I need some suggestion imposing the correct boundary condition or methodology for applying heat flux at the solid side boundary .

evcelica September 28, 2012 21:08

I would say #1 is correct but its hard to understand exactly what you are doing without pictures.

Antanas September 30, 2012 14:17

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Hmm... if you know Heat Flux value then maybe you should simulate things in solid domain only, without flow or vice versa. Or if your Heat Flux is the addition to convective heat flux between fluid and solid then, I think, you should follow #1.

BTW did you activate "Heat Transfer" under "Additional Interface Models" in interface specification?

Mahi October 1, 2012 03:18

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Thanks for the reply, attached is schematic representation of my model . Yes, I have enabled heat transfer in the "Additional Interface Models" . If option 1 is correct , then heatransfer will happen on both sides of the plate and temperature will be different. The outlet extension is only CFD part of it , but real boundary stops at burner plate .

My understanding , without interface feed the heat flux on solid side wall and fluid side be adiabatic .

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