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hugo17 October 9, 2012 05:26

Evaluate Heat Flux through plane in CFD Post

I'd like to evaluate the heat flux through a plane which I create using the "Location" tool in CFD Post (within a solid domain) - but Post says "Heat Flux is not available on 'Plane 1'.". Is there any possibility to evaluate the heat flux at positions where no geometric boundary is located?


marcoac14 January 19, 2013 00:54


I'm having the very same problem. Any idea?


nandish777desai May 13, 2013 13:06

Same problem?
Have you figured out how to plot heat flux on a plane?
Thanks in advance

hmasenger May 13, 2013 16:17

did u select heat flux as result in output control in cfx pre?

evcelica May 13, 2013 20:51

How would you have heat flux without a surface transferring heat? It will be zero across some plane in the fluid without a boundary to transfer the heat.

Describe Heat Flux mathematically and you will see what I mean.

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