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njundale October 11, 2012 00:49

shape factor
hi guys,

can u tell me how to calculate shape/view factor in CFX.

Thanx in advance.

ghorrocks October 11, 2012 05:56

This is done internally when you do a radiation model. I do not know of a way to get it out in post processing - but I have never tried.

Possa October 11, 2012 09:34

Hello Nikhil,

If you mean radiation shape factor, as far as I know CFX does not use it for calculations it solves by ray tracing method calculating the radiation heat flux directly.
The Monte Carlo method can be used to calculate shape factors but it does not need to calculate them to solve the radiation problem. Indeed if you are using a participating media there is no sense in using radiation shape factors (save specific exceptions).


ghorrocks October 11, 2012 18:28

Talita's comment is correct - CFX works out view factors internally from radiation surface facet to other radiation surface facets. It does not work it out based on bodies as manual analysis often does. This means shape factors does not exist per-se in the CFX implementation.

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