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wangy1767 October 16, 2012 11:36

CFX solver workspace & ourfile Problem
Dear all,

I run a CFD simulation, but after 20 steps CFX solver workspace & ourfile can not continue to show simulation-running-situation, but I'm sure it is running. Since the new *.TRN files still can be produced in .dir file.

Please tell me how to let CFX solver workspace & ourfile can not continue to show simulation-running-situation continuously?
I already tried to use File/Monitor run in process to run this CFD simulation in a new CFX solver, but it still shows the old one until 20 steps not the current step.

Many thanks in advance!

jrl4444 January 9, 2013 10:38

How to Get Solver manager back on line / Monitor a run in progress.
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I Hope this information will save a few runs from getting Trashed / Crashed.

Oh yes a RED X window corner close without stopping the run, no big deal if you know what to do.

Open a new Solver Manager ..... Go to the File menu .... Click on


Find the folder with the .dir ..... If you sort by date it is much easier to find.

High light/single click the folder do not go into the folder just high light the folder and click the open button.

Confusing because you might think you need to open some file but not so you are opening the folder. It will pop up with nothing lost and at the end of run it will do all the .mon file merging.

Strange thing I had happen once is after a few runs 001 002 003 ect.... I went in to the drive and cleaned up / deleted all the earlier completed runs, folders, .res, and .out files so my next run would start on 001. I started the run everything seemed fine, later as I was closing some windows I discovered what I thought was 2 runs going at once. Nop I still had a 001, same file name Manager window open from an earlier run that I had deleted. After clean up I had stated another 001 run and turns out I ended up with 2 manager monitoring the same run.:eek:

No big deal I just closed one manager {RED X corner close} NOT A STOP, left other one running and it completed perfectly normal.

Have a great day all!!

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