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l.te October 17, 2012 04:09

How to get nodal values with a routine in preprocessor
Hello boys,
I'm doing a simulation when I must insert a thermal contact resistance between a cylindrical part and a die. The problem is that this thermal contact resistance depends on a "Distance function" that is f(Temperature, Additional variable "Alfa") with Alfa defined on the part domain.
I want the values of "Distance function" at every z over the length of the part.
To do that, I must do a routine (for cicle: How I can implement this in preprocessor?) in which I get the values of T and Alfa at every node along the "z" axis, but to do this, how I can access at the nodes of the mesh that I defined in mesher? And how I can say at the CFX Preprocessor: "you must get the T and Alfa values of every node at every z along the axis of the piece"?

ghorrocks October 17, 2012 05:56

Let's take a step back from details of the implementation. First, can you describe the function you want to implement? What is the distance function, and how is the temperature and alfa processed as inputs (ie, local value at the interface, averaged over a certain region, taken from another location, etc).

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