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Saima October 18, 2012 19:41

CFX-Post processing
Hello guys,

I have a quick query, I am doing post processing for a blade analysis. For inlet and outlet I have defined planes and defined boundary condition on it.

When I am taking a single value I wrote expression mass average(Total Pressure)@Plane 1 same at Plane 2 then took Ration.

Now, In post processing I want to see PR variation along span wise direction. How can I defined first on both planes as a variable & then take ratio of both.

Thanks in advance!!!

ghorrocks October 19, 2012 05:09

Do you mean you want the axial position of the planes to be a variable so you can see how the pressure drop changes for different positions?

This is best done in CFD-Post using a session file. Record a session file where you set up the inlet and outlet and do the calculation at one position then load up the session file and edit it to cover all the positions you wish to analyse. The replay it and it will run through all the positions.

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