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jahetbe November 4, 2012 15:46

cfx error 255
i trying so solve the flow throught a pipe , but solver exited with error 255 and sometimes error 1 , please help me :(

cdegroot November 4, 2012 15:53

Wow, a lot of people posting this week about error 255. As far as I know this comes up when the solver diverges. Make sure your problem is set up in a consistent way. Check boundary conditions to make sure they are reasonable. Look in the CFX manual for recommended BC configurations. Also see if lowering timescale helps.

jahetbe November 4, 2012 15:59

time scale is 0.08s ( leng of pipe 16 m and v=0.484 m/s)
then error is Error code 1:

cdegroot November 4, 2012 16:04

Timescale seems fine. What are the BCs? What is Reynolds number and are you using a turbulence model?

jahetbe November 4, 2012 16:11

what is BC?
Re = 48400
yes i use a turbulence model

cdegroot November 4, 2012 16:15

BC = boundary condition.

What is the Mach number?

jahetbe November 4, 2012 16:20

i have a pipe with : i=0.005 v=0.484 m/s D=0.1m y= 0.7m
BC = input ,output , top (free surface) bot ( wall)

cdegroot November 4, 2012 16:24

Sorry you are going to have to explain what i and y mean. Also for each of those boundary types there are options you have to specify. You should post them or your CCL file. My guess is something is inconsistent in the boundary conditions.

jahetbe November 4, 2012 16:29

i= slope of pipe
y= height of water in pipe

jahetbe November 4, 2012 16:31

How is the CClfile created??????

cdegroot November 4, 2012 16:36

Interesting. This is a 2 phase flow then with air and water?

In CFX-pre you can save the CCL file via file -> export CCL.

jahetbe November 4, 2012 16:39

YES This is a 2 phase flow then with air and water
when iwan create CCL file this error showed: no objecte wee selected to export

cdegroot November 4, 2012 16:40

You might have to click on the flow analysis first.

jahetbe November 4, 2012 16:48

that Error again show :No objected were selected to export ?? plz help me

cdegroot November 4, 2012 17:08

That is very odd. Anyone else experienced this? Open up the CFX Pre user guide and search for export CCL to make sure you are doing it properly.

jahetbe November 4, 2012 17:17

this is link of CCL

cdegroot November 4, 2012 17:22

Can you post another way (even just copy and paste) so I don't have to sign up for that site to download?

jahetbe November 4, 2012 17:28

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k.vafiadis November 5, 2012 03:42

jahetbe this is not the ccl and from this screenshot nothing is clear.
export ccl and you got to select all the items of interest... inlet, outlet, etc. ccl is text.
Also post a picture of what you are studying, your geometry.
I am 99% sure it's not a CFX bug, but a set up problem. It's very useful to try the tutorials.

ghorrocks November 5, 2012 06:08


Wow, a lot of people posting this week about error 255.
That's why we wrote the FAQs - this one is relevant:

The FAQ might need a bit of a tweak to make it clear that it applies to 255 errors as well.

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