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Niru November 6, 2012 14:25

diff between CFX & Fluent
I am currently using CFX to do dense gas dispersion . I have few questions regarding CFX & Fluent.

1.I would like to know if I could use models like VOF in CFX?
2. Is it possible to use Shallow water equations to describe the flow of a liquid?
If yes, which one would be better , CFX or fluent?
3. Is it possible to model waves in Ansys? Which one would be better and is there any tutorial/guidance on how to do it?
4.I need to model a vaporizing fluid on the waves.. How can this be done?
5. How to define a profile boundary in Fluent?

thanks for your help !

ghorrocks November 6, 2012 18:14

1 CFX does not have VOF per-se, but it does have a free surface model which can model the same flows.
2 No. Try gerris for a nice implementation of the shallow water equations.
3 Yes. CFX comes with a tutorial example free surface flow over a bump which is a good start.
4 inter-phase mass transfer, CFX can do this.
5 Try the Fluent forum.

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