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bitak November 9, 2012 04:53

cfx diffusion to porous media
I want to simulate flow in tube that a porous media has been covered it ( exactly like blood arterial : blood + tissue).
how I can to simulate a normal diffusion from fluid flow to porous media in CFX ????
I described two domain and one interface.

ghorrocks November 9, 2012 05:55

If the diffusion can be modelled by a diffusion or diffusion+convection equation then try an additional variable. You can put the AV in the fluid and let it diffuse through the surrounding solids.

Or do you want the fluid to diffuse through the solid?

bitak November 9, 2012 16:08

Thanks for your answer. but I don't know what is different between define AV and diffuse fluid to suronding solid that you asked me

ghorrocks November 9, 2012 16:18

Have a look at the tutorials. A few of them use AVs. AVs can diffuse, convect or be defined as an algebraic equation. They do not have momentum like a fluid does. Temperature is a type of AV.

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