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ermuir November 14, 2012 07:10

Corrected (Referred) Mass Flow Rate Boundary Condition
I am using CFX to calculate fan stage performance and pressure loading on the fan blades for a damaged commercial turbofan using a steady-state CFD simulation. Currently, I have the total pressure ratio and corrected mass flow combination that form the fan operating line for a series of operating conditions. To avoid modeling the entire bypass duct, etc., I am specifying an average static pressure condition at the bypass duct boundary and "manually" iterating on static pressure until the solution achieves an operating point that coincides (within 1% or so) with the fan operating line. This procedure can be somewhat tedious, especially for the case of a damaged fan in which the speed lines are not known a priori and the entire wheel must be modeled (as opposed to a single passage with periodic boundary conditions).

Is anyone aware of a procedure/method within CFX to specify the corrected (referred) mass flow rate at the bypass duct outlet boundary condition? I am trying to achieve a particular point on the operating line.



brunoc November 20, 2012 18:11

Check this out:

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