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Torque_Converter November 14, 2012 11:39

SST-CC correction factor (none or +/-1)
I have seen this feature as part of the CC option. CC has helped immensely in proper torque production for me. However, I can't tell what this correction factor is doing. I have been through the solver theory guide and internet searches but cannot put my finger on what this feature does. Right now I have it set to "none" since I am ignorant at this point, but does anyone know if altering the number is helpful, and what this will accomplish for the algorithm directionally?

ghorrocks November 14, 2012 17:52

Please do not use acronyms excessively - many people will not know what CC means. I assume you mean the curvature correction option on the SST model.

If the documentation is not sufficient then I know the ANSYS customer portal and/or support has additional information on this.

Torque_Converter November 14, 2012 17:54

Yes, curvature correction. There is a production correction factor you can define. So far ansys customer portal requests have told me that they do not know, they will find someone who does, but I never hear further.

Crank-Shaft November 14, 2012 19:24

Please post a reply here if you find out about this any further. I have wondered about the theoretical implications of this setting however, didn't investigate any further. Would like to learn about this if possible.

Torque_Converter November 15, 2012 17:18

Another response from ansys. They refered me to the two equation section, curvature correction area, of the solver theory guide. I had already read this. It certainly shows the math, and the placement of the factor. But it is difficult to tell by hand what the physical change to the system would be. I finally carved out a bit of time to run another 100 iterations of a solved torque converter analysis that had already converged with this production correction term set to 0.1 and 1.2 (because the limits are 0 and 1.25). The change was washed out in the rough convergence of this analysis (5e-5 RMS on momentum and mass). So overall, for this scenario it meant nothing.

What it means in greater theory for use in the many other applications i need, and others use, no one can see it seems. Maybe one guy in a backroom at ansys knows.

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