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stefan85r November 16, 2012 08:54

Expression Error

I get this error when I want to use this expression:

probe(Total Mesh Displacement Y)@MP1

"Attempt to evaluate the CEL callback function 'probe'.
Although it is valid to create an expression that
uses such a function, the preprocessor does not support
its evaluation."

How can I get the "Total Mesh Displacement Y" from MP1 (MonitorPoint) to use in an another expression?


Darren Leong November 16, 2012 09:20

It's a solution dependent function and will work fine when solving.

Just add the following to expression list, e.g. MP1LocY

probe(Total Mesh Displacement Y)@MP1

For your other expression you can refer to the above by its expression name, e.g.


Instead of probe, you can also use ave i think

stefan85r November 16, 2012 09:34

Thank you!

I will try it...

expression name: dy --> probe(Mesh Displacement Y)@MP1

expression name: Fy --> (-0.0011 [N m^-2]*dy^2+0.13 [N m^-1]*dy+95.419 [N])*1000

So the force (Fy) is depend on the high (opening Flap) and MP1 is fix on the Flap and moves up.

is that okay?

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