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aerost November 19, 2012 14:57

User monitor points raw file
Does anyone know where to find the file which contains the data from a user defined monitor point? I have converged a problem in workbench, but there was a GUI error that is preventing me from seeing the convergence traces (and more importantly my user defined traces).

Since I can't export from the GUI like I would normally do, I was trying to find the raw data file. The user defined monitor points are not in the normal OUT file though. I figure the data must be contained somewhere since I can open old monitors and see traces for similar data... Is it somehow coded into the RES file? Are there any other files besides the RES and the OUT file?

The data must exist somewhere...

Thanks for any guidance.

ghorrocks November 19, 2012 17:47

The monitor point data is stored in the results file for a run which completes successfully. If the run crashes before completion it is kept in a file called "mon" in the simulation temporary directory.

You should be able to load this file up in solver manager, whether it crashed or not, and export the monitor point data. Alternately you can use the cfx5mon command to extract it (see the documentation for more details on this command).

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