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SteelMan November 28, 2012 12:16

CFX+ANSYS Transient for water entry of elastic plate
Hi, I plan to simulate an elastic plate impacting into water using CFX+Ansys Transient. It is a two way FSI problem. I am not sure they can work. The plate has a initial velosity and acceleration. The fluid domain includes water and air. My questions are :

1) Because the plate has motions, do I have to use remeshing function of CFX?
2) Could I get wet model of the plate?

3) I finished a model test for the problem. I found that the air is captured into the water. There are some air bubles in the local fluid field under the plate surface. Actually it is a two phase flow problem. Can the CFX fit my expectation?

4) Is the free surface of fluid domain acceptable? Lots of people say the FVM is not good at this.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.


brunoc November 28, 2012 16:34

Hi there,

1. You'll only have to use remeshing if your elements get too much distorted. If you start your simulation with the plate near the water surface level and it does not go too deep into the water, you should be ok with one mesh alone and some tricks on the moving mesh side.

2. I don't understand what you want here. Could you explain it a little further?

3. Yes, CFX can model free surface with bubble entrainment. If you are not focusing on the bubble entrainment behaviour, the homogeneous model should get you good enough results.

4. Yes, it should be good enough.


SteelMan November 28, 2012 20:59

Many thanks, brunoc.
sorry for confuse. For the 'wet model' , I want to know the natural periods of plate vibration with one side touching water. Maybe I used wrong words, 'mode', 'modal','model', sorry for that.

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