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MGabr November 29, 2012 07:12

Identify connection between 3 Parts
Dear All
I am studding orifice behavior in high pressure systems and i have 3 parts the first is inlet pipe with flange and i Booleaned them in one part ( in DesignModeler ) , second part is the orifice and the third is the outlet pipe with flange so the sequence would be [ inlet pipe > flange > orifice > flange > outlet pipe ]

i want to identify connection in Ansys mechanical between 1st flange , orifice & 2nd flange .
i identified them as contact connection between (orifice and 1st flange) and (orifice and 2st flange) and (1st flange and 2st flange) with contact type ( bonded )
when i run solver followed error appeared
| ERROR #002100061 has occurred in subroutine SERVE_CLIENTS. |
| Message: |
| The connection between this CFX process and an external process |
| has died unexpectedly. The following error was received: |
| External process : ANSYS |
| Error experienced : Read |
| |
| ** This error is fatal: Terminating ANSYS CFX Solver execution ** |
| Please review the output, error and log files from both the CFX |
| and external processes to determine the cause of the error. |
Could anyone help in correcting my model for solving this problem
best regards

brunoc November 29, 2012 12:08

Hi Mahmoud,

All this message says is that CFX lost its connection to ANSYS. This usually happens when ANSYS diverges. You should check your structural analysis model to see what could be causing this.

If possible, try running your structural model using a pressure level close to the one expected from CFX, or do a 1-way FSI analysis, and see if ANSYS is able to converge from that simulation. If it doesn't, the problem is in your structural model. If it does, the problem is most likely in the solver coupling parameters (assuming the CFX model is able to run on its own).


MGabr November 29, 2012 12:51

Hi Brunoc.
I had run this case before but as one part not 3 but i found that orifice material differ from pipe material so i had to divide them to 3 parts and use contact option.

now Solver solve the fluid domain loop or the outer loop but when try to start the external loop it failed.

Do you think that i used contact option correctly or i should other option for defining the bonding condition between ( flange-orifice-flange )

Thanks alot

brunoc November 29, 2012 13:01

If your model use to run and after you changed some parameters is doesn't, it's likely that something in your new model is causing the problem.

You should get each model running before you couple them; that means your structural model should be running without problem as a standalone model (without the FSI coupling - if the CFD pressure is an important part of the result, just import it into your structural model using WB). Get the correct settings for it and only than you should go back at coupling both codes.

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