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hinca November 30, 2012 08:49

Integration Matlab - Simulink - CFX
I would like to know how to integrate MATLAB - SIMULINK in analysis of CFX, as input function of time for a transient simulation.

ghorrocks December 1, 2012 05:16

Do you want matlab to set up runs and start them off and possibly read results out (easy)? Or do you want to couple matlab to CFX during a simulation (hard)?

hinca December 1, 2012 14:23

thanks ghorrocks
I want matlab handle the input air velocity when the simulation is running depending on the temperature at a point, or if possible one can make from the same CEL programs of CFX.

ghorrocks December 1, 2012 15:46

To do this you should try to implement it in CEL first. That will be far easier if it is possible. If not, and you have to link to matlab you have two choices: You can use user fortran and write your own code to send data out of CFX and wait until updates come back, or use third-party coupling code like MPCCI.

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